Thursday, October 16, 2008

Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures

It's one thing to be a quality texture maker, and another to be a quality texture seller. Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures is a rare pairing of these traits.

Located in Sanguine, SJQT has a very eye-friendly layout that shows what you want without having you have to paw (or if you're a furry, hand, I guess) through 1-texture surfaces. Everything is laid out by collection or theme so you can get right to it.

And what themes SJ has!

From futuristic to classic Celtic, Japanese to steampunk, and lots in between, Starship has an impressive number of texture sets and more are being added weekly. His most recent addition, a set of bunker textures, is sure to please the battle-hardened builder.

Look at how the clouds move over the tiles...

One of the more fun parts of any store is the freebies. SJ's collection is right up there, offering such goodies as Daleks, Arcadia freebies, and lots of SJ sample textures.

Many stores are unfortunate to have ad farms right around the corner when you step out the door. Not so here... a trip outside leads to a serene winter scene, seemingly above the clouds. It's a perfect place to demonstrate the effectiveness of his semi-transparent cloud textures, perfect for arranging smooth transitions into one's sky builds.

Here's looking at you, kid. Brr!

A small personal alcove is set next to his textures, featuring works by Kia Greyskin.

Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures is active in the Second Life cultural scene as a sponsor of Primtionary, still one of the most unique (and fun!) events to be found anywhere in Second Life.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Clip 'N' Save SL: The MetaSaver Arrives

I haven't seen many gift certificates besides CCTV Giant's which have really stuck, but Second Life coupons... now that's an innovation!

The MetaSaver Coupon book is now in its third edition and triple its original size! Not only is it available here in Second Life, but they've figured how to present it outside of SL in a great hassle-free viewer. Whether you're an advertiser or buyer you can check it out here...

The coupon book is delivered automatically to subscribers on the 1st of the month... no messy group messages to swat away and notices to dig for.

MetaSaver showed me my first demonstration, and an effective one, of the Subscribe-O-Matic, a groupless subscription service. I've heard a lot of buzz about it, but it's nice to finally be in a 26th group without having to jump to an alt or dump group #25.

Visiting their HQ was a smooth, easy process and everything is well laid out whether you are a shopper looking to save money or a Second Life business owner looking to advertise. At 478 meters high, the high-tech look merges perfectly with low lag.

Welcome MetaSaver and best wishes for a successful future!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

SL's Flower Lady of Copenhagen

Ida Coage's Garden Center is a nice trip off the beaten path if you want to stock your SL garden, or add a fountain, landscaping, or outdoor romantic furniture to your parcel or sim. Most of her flowers fall into the L$10-L$20 range, and her outdoor items range from L$75 to L$249, very affordable if you want to load up your event center, home or business on the cheap. Best of all, her flowers are modifiable, so you can set them to the size you want and fit them into the looks of your other flowers and plants.

Another romantic day at the Garden Center in the Denmark Cop
One of my favorite items is the windmill she offers. Solidly built, she has now added a building size (L$300) in addition to the decorative version she sells for L$75.

Fountains, benches, and waterfalls all decorate the land.

For people who like less frilly things, yet still want to share some downtime together with that special avatar, there is also a wood pavilion as shown for L$200.

Ida's Garden Center can be found at

Sunday, October 5, 2008

VM Fun Places

For places with pure eye and "WOW!" appeal, we've got this list. More coming as we blog on!

If any of these businesses has moved, please contact us at sumosalesman at/@ We'll give you any copy/mod Lionel Oliva Labs product you like for your trouble and if you find the new address please let us know! Thanks!

A Cool Planetarium

Puppy Poppets

Wales Springs


Bootie's Bay

MMD Designs

LINC Island

Goth Magick

Lavanya's Prefabs

"Shopping Amidst the Ruins"

Renegade Warehouse

VM's Up and Coming Businesses

It's been a while since we featured any businesses we felt were moving up in the virtual world -- they've all grown up or moved away since -- but we'll have more shortly and if you know of one please contact us at sumosalesman at aol dawt com. Thanks!

Famous SL Businesses Directory

Below is a list of famous SL businesses we've reviewed so far. If you visit one and they've moved, please let us know and we'll update it. Thanks!


Fluid Creations

KittyCat's Kreations

Oblonski Furniture


KaDeWe Mall

Insky Jedburgh

Old Glory Sutlery

Something Fishy

Caskets R Us