Sunday, September 10, 2000

Lionel Oliva's Top 10 Favorite Gadgets

I've been on SL since December 7, 2006. In that time I've happened on a few good gadgets I keep using time and again.

This month, the top ten are:

10. Puppeteer. Animate your objects the way you like! My next project is a giant treasure chest building that opens and closes on command (IM me if you're interested)!

9. JWoulf's Orbiting Cage Gun. Easy to modify, keeps low-level pests contained, and works great in tandem with my Collide Go Boom script for clearing unwanted/unfinished builds.

8. Ronin Labs' Prize/L$ Egg System. People love getting free stuff, going on Easter Egg hunts and getting L$. Best of all, I can put my company logo on the eggs too.

7. Flight Band. Keeping my head in the clouds was never so easy or smooth.

6. Apez vendors. SL can be expensive fun and having a stream of stuff (not necessarily my own) to sell helps cushion the blow!

5. Escape Particle Machine. Except for a small bug with sources and one with saving, this machine has worked very solidly, generating particle scripts very flexibly.

4. ThinC Press. For a very deep selection of publishing options with your printed material, you can't do better than ThinC. Solid book design options you'd be happy with in RL, website linking, landmark inclusion... I couldn't be happier with an L$800 investment. And the updates are prompt as well, even though they're done by a human!

3. Cheshyr Pontchartrain's Tardis. I've gotten updates time and again, a little improvement here, a big improvement there. It's always been neat seeing the changes. Buy yours today and save with every upgrade!

2. My Personal Sized Bubble Bee. Flies like a dream, small, maneuverable, and I've given them out by the dozen. Makes exploring new places sheer fun. Just barely surpassed by...

1. The ASM-1000 Stream Manager, from KHE. Search features, dozens on dozens of great radio stations in different genres and sub-genres, favoriting, access list, group land usability... I spend 60% of my time in SL on my land so I can enjoy the music. I've already bought four and with the September special going on I'm thinking of buying a few more as gifts! Low-prim, high fidelity!

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