Monday, July 28, 2008

Bootie's Bay...AHOY THAR!

Hello all, thanks for dropping by to the blog and this is a first time blogger to this amazing blog here! Let's hope I can give you some of what I see as I explore around Second Life here! Do remember that you can visit what I get up to on my own scrapblog ^_^ I always save the best bits here and I think this sim I have visited will rock your socks!

So the first of my voyage will be at the Isla Dela Vida. At first glance, it does look like there would be something very strange going on, like why is it very quiet? Where are the bots? What am I doing here, and as I ventured on, all is not what it seems...

So that is all I can show you of what is in that WONDERFUL sim, heck it would ruin the surprise of what it has in store for you and noone likes spoilt surprises! I for one sure don't! But in all seriousness, this has to be one of the most beautiful, high quality, entertaining, spooky, top craftsmanship in Second Life that I have ever ventured yet!

Another thing is the music, it is very addictive, and does absolutely 100% matches the theme of the sim. It is what gives you that feeling that you are actually starring in your own film as the superhero of the hour. And if you want added spookiness, set the Environment on as Midnight mode, or if you prefer my style, Surreality Delight Mode.

There as we can see, it does feel like that you are at the top of the world so to speak. With great rewards awaiting you as you solve the mystery of this strange but yet exciting island, one must be mad not to explore this place!

So if you are still not itching to explore this place, I really urge you to check it out. Soon all the shops there will be filled to the brim, and you can have adventure, explore, roleplay, play, chat, have fun all in the comfort of this sim.

And finally the SpySectometer:

Design: 95%
Fun: 90%
Speed: 65% (Could be due to the Second Life lagginess on the day)

Must See?: Yes
Second Life Direct Link: secondlife://Isla%20dela%20Vida/19/165/25

Overall: 84% (Excellent!)

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