Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SL Snowmen Will Never Be The Same: Blurred Nightfire

Blurred Nightfire is one of Second Life's up-and-coming designers. Since his early days as a coffee cup designer, he has branched out into items for home and garden, including two stunning fountains, a unique joke-telling snowman, a charming snowman snow globe, and a top-secret project we'll cover in an update. Summer hangouts will never be the same!

Q -What has been your biggest challenge?
A - My biggest challenge was starting up my business and getting people to recognize my products for their uniqueness. It is never easy to start from nothing.

Q - How have you succeeded in your business?
A - I have succeeded in my business by being praised by other builders on how well my products are put together, as well as creating products that have those extra features other products do not have.

Q- Such as?
A- My fountains allow you to change texture, water color, and light color too! Also, my 33-prim fountain features water cascading in a spiral. It looks nice without a lot of extra parcel space.

Q - Where do you get your ideas from?
A - I actually get my ideas from looking around at objects in real life and seeing what can be added to them, as well as other objects in Second Life. Just more or less thinking, "Wonder what people would think if that feature was on this object?"

Q - How do you keep yourself motivated to keep working?
A - I keep myself motivated by keeping busy. Since I know once I stop on something, it takes a little bit for me to get back in to it again to be working efficiently.

Q - How did you decide on what you were going to make?
A - I actually just fell into making fountains, since one day I made a fountain and people were impressed with how well I paid attention to detail. From there it has improved and I am starting to move on to making other products for outdoor use. That way, I will be able to cover a wider range of people who need items.

Q - How did you start your business?
A - It all started with the help of friends who offered a free spot of land, here and there, because apparently they all enjoy my creations I have made. I've tried my best returning the help for their being so supportive and such good friends!

Q - What advice would you give to others ?
A - Network, network, network! Make as many friends as possible but stay true to them and help them when they need help with things, but remember try not to be taken advantage of! Also if you are going to build or script, stick to a category, so you won't be stuck on the same object and won't get bored, but be sure to enjoy what you are doing.

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