Sunday, August 3, 2008

SL's Age-Old Problem Fixed by Loki Ball


If you're tired of having a collection of objects you know will make you money, provided you re-rez them all painstakingly in the right spots, at the right angles, and setting up shop is preventing you from having fun every once in a while, then you owe it to yourself to check out Loki Ball's Room Switch.

Ranking right up there with Cheshyr Pontchartrain's Tardis and Toneless Tomba's Thinc Press in my favorite gadgets, the Room Switch is unbelievably handy. In a way it's like having 9 times the number of small parcels that you currently own! What the Room Switch does is let you save your favorite multi-object configurations for your land. Rezzing and clearing things en masse has never been more fast and convenient. Want a bar on your land? Put it together and save it to notecard! Do the same with a store setup, romantic getaway, cache of destructible RP (role-playing) objects, or anything else that suits your needs or fancy.

Want to mark down all your goods for sale for twenty minutes? Room Switch out your old setup with the discounted setup, then switch it right back with just an extra touch. Need to disappear into a secret hideaway? Rez a previously inaccessible and undetectable escape tunnel. Got a favorite tried and true event stage you'd like to set up? Go for it.

This is not a temp rezzer; the Room Switch rezzes one-rez setups at your convenience and leisure, and once they're set up, your object configurations are there with no extra temp-rez lag.

If you're an established merchant who wants that little extra time-saving edge, or you're just starting out in Second Life, you owe it to yourself to start saving time by purchasing the Room Switch. Try it out today!

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