Monday, June 23, 2008

Lionel Oliva's Top 10 Favorite SL Gadgets & Items

In Second Life, there are a few things that I think SL would be a lot less fun without. This post will change over the weeks as new items enter the SL marketplace and my attention span wanes. Hopefully what remains will be my top 10 favorite gadgets. For now they are:

10. Cheshyr Pontchartrain's Tardis
If you own a store, chances are you have a teleport point set. The Tardis is great for getting around your land without having to whip out landmarks.

9. Apocalyptic Combat Vehicle
One of the coolest-looking and sweetest-handling vehicles in SL, especially in hover mode. A honking touch-activated cannon, Havok 4-based combat system and a sound relay HUD are frosting on the cake.

8. ASM-1000 Audio Stream Manager
I bought an ASM-1000 last year and I've been using it since. Friendly (or as public-friendly as I want it to be), well-designed and a pleasure for bringing out the best music to my land.

7. GGG Gold Nugget
Holy traffic increase, Batman! Aside from SLX and Apez I haven't seen anything linked to a website that works so fast in Second Life. When I first bought it I got my first visitor in ten minutes -- at 5 AM in the morning!

6. Black Box's Sculpt Studio
The manual still leaves me scratching my head, but it's a pretty solid system. I got a free upgrade to 3.8 from 3.0 so maybe I'll set some time aside and see how it works again.

5. Universal Destruction Kit
From destroying glass to fuel tanks to vehicles and RP items, the uses of this kit are many. My inventing it after 90+ hours of fine-tuning doesn't hurt the rankings either ;D

4. Jwoulf's minigun/Desert Eagle/Hellbring:
Great for testing collision scripts in whatever flavor of blow-it-uppishness you want.

3. Blurred Nightfire's Fountain
Ooo. Now at a low-low 8 prims from 33.

2. Loki Ball's Room Switcher
Handy handy. One prim can contain several preset rooms. Powerful, flexible, cheap!

1. Concrete shop -- copy/mod for L$30. Put four in a square setup. Stack them on top of one another. Mod to your heart's content.

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