Saturday, June 21, 2008

Second Life Spirits At KittyCat's Kreations

A very nice texture-changing tun at KittyCat's Kreations.

When I step into a lot of shops in SL, I get spammed with a lot of object chat. Random-sounding SLURLs pop out of nowhere without being asked for and I often wind up swatting landmarks out of windows that pop up. A mute for you, Mr. Object Giver.

Imagine, then, my surprise when I heard a Neufchatel decanter whisper this:

[20:11] The high Swiss mountains were home to the herbs that made this liquor, Lionel Oliva. They are honored to have you consume them!

Whoa! Nothing but pure product! And reasonably spaced apart timewise -- I didn't have to wait for a wave of green text to wash back down my screen before I could click on anything else.

[20:13] Edouard Pernod whispers: This exceptional absinthe, more rare and valuable than the rarest cognac, comes to your palate with a flavour and aroma of bygone times. KittyCat Ninetails, only the finest is good enough for you!

[20:15] Pernod Fils whispers: Ahh, this is how Absinthe is supposed to taste, the louche is wonderous, the aromas heady and the taste..ahh the taste... Lionel Oliva, what a treat!

KittyCat Ninetails was gracious enough to be interviewed at KittyCat 's Kreations while fully helping out a customer who stopped by. Usually when I edit an interview I like to weed out interruptions, but this transcript will show you the kind of dedicated, flexible merchant KittyCat is.

VM: how long have you been in business?

KN: Since um..February.

VM: Wow, you pick up things quickly.

KN (giggles)..I got so addicted. It's so much fun making stuff.

VM: Did you originally sell SL drink decanters? Or did you try something different?

KN: The only thing I have made is drink decanters...I keep thinking I want to branch out into food. But then I come up with another drink dispenser idea or another line of drinks.

VM: I see. Was this somehow inspired by your RL work or was it something that just came out of the blue?

KN: Well, it was inspired by generosity. I bought a friend a decanter and it had ... I think ... 30 prims, and he could not set it down, it was over the prim limit. So I thought..hell, I can make it for less. And I did, it was fun, and I never looked back.

(To customer) Hi! If you have any questions, i will be happy to answer 'em.

(Customer smiles)

KN: But in real life ...I am an accountant.

VM: I see.

KN: I simply like alcohol..and pretty things..and I think if we are gonna fantasize..we should have good stuff to do it with, and all the stuff should be unique. It irritated me when I was taking drinks from decanters..and all of them said the same thing..or looked the same.

VM: Yeah... You have a nice aesthetic for your place.

Customer: Alcohol tends to make things prettier as you drink.

KN: Oo, I like that line. (grins)

VM: And your decanters definitely say different things. :D

KN: Absinthe makes the tart grow fonder *giggle*

Customer: Ha ha, yes.

KN: I have over 500 drinks. I did a count today! And every one is different...different texture, different saying.

KittyCat Ninetails stands next to her boot decanters.

VM: Pretty impressive! How many a day do you make? Does it take long, and where do you get the textures from? Or is that a secret? :D

KN: I also make my own sculpties now for some of the decanters. I use Rokuro learning to use Tatara and Blender..but haven't got them down pat yet. I made that moonshine jug sculptie. (grins) Some of the the magnum barrel..take over 100 textures. I buy them, and I download them. And now I am trying my hand at making textures. I made -- well, put together anyhow -- the texture on the Campari bottle. A lot of the decanters change texture too. I did not make the sculptie of the archer lady..nor did I make the boat in a bottle..though I did do all the drinks in both.

Ahoy matey! Pirate-themed drinks when yer rum runs out.

Customer: Do you have examples of the different mugs and horns the barrels dispense?

KN: Help yourself. They all dispense. I sell decanters; the drinks are free.

Customer: Thank you.

KN: Oh, interesting. Let me fix that.

Customer: kk

KN: Wonder why its got mead in it? Must be one that I was muckin' with. (makes an adjustment) Try now.

Customer: Thank you.

Heart of Mead whispers: The wonderous taste of this liquor resounds with honey and history, echoing through the pages of time, decanted just for you, Customer, to enjoy!

Customer: Very nice.

KN: Yep, it is. Whew! Would hate to find out my barrel didn't dispense cause the name was more than 25 characters long.

Chocolate Strawberry whispers: Oh, this is definitely the way to enjoy your chocolate coated strawberries, Customer, the sweet taste of memories is made with this!

KN: It's a real pain, especially when dealing with sake or vintage wines. None of them are short names. Some of 'em are a bit yappy. But what I do do, is research every single drink. For example...absinthe... good absinthe...vintage not green. It's brown. And you drip water into it through sugar..and the essential oils parcipitate out..causing the absinthe to go a milky color..slowly. It's called louche and it won't get you stoned. Most of the hype about absinthe was written by Victorian era doctors who confused the effects of long-term alcoholism with the effects of the drug.

Customer: I saw one on SLX that dispensed Absinthe Ale Beer Blood wine Espresso Honey Mead Hot Chocolate, may I ask which one that is? Sorry, I copy and pasted from the site.

KN: (Giggles.) Any of them can. I have a menu and I can just drop the drinks in. Sounds like the medieval barrel though.

Customer: Yes, that is what it is called.

KN: I can make one up with any drinks you want in it. But let me dig that one out so you can see. If you click on the flame skull it will give you a menu of drinks.

VM: There's so much I don't know about wine and spirits. It's certainly an education and then some coming in here. How many hours a day do you put into SL?

KN: Most days? 10 or so.

VM: What would you say was the biggest challenge you've faced getting a start in SL? And what advice if any would you offer someone just trying to get started?

KN: LOL...take the building classes! My biggest challenge was fixing my own mistakes, things like not knowing why everything I built turned red. I worked like mad to make it so they did not, then found out turning beacons off helped a great deal.

I started out building by eye...and making stuff level...then found out by accident how to build properly. You don't hafta recreate the wheel. Also, buy your own land as soon as you can. I had my servers for SLX and OnRez and Hippo at my house...and the house was on a sim where I rented a store and a house. The sim was sold..and they gave us less than 4 hours notice to move.

VM: Jeez.

KN: It's how I wound up here. This land was given to me to start, the first 512 m, anyhow. Not the best location..but it's mine. At that time, I only had about 40 decanters or so...maybe fewer. every single item, I had the landmark for the store too. It was two days of solid work to move.

VM: Yikes, that sounds brutal.

KN (to customer): If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them.
(To VM)
That was soo not fun. So now I am going to keep this spot. It was nasty -- not their fault -- but nasty.

VM: I'll be sure to landmark it if you're staying put. This is a nice store.

KN: Thanks. (Smiles) I have 9 locations now...but this is my main...and the only one with nearly all the decanters I currently have out.

VM: Well, I'll be sure to visit it again! Thank you very much for your time KittyCat.

KN: You're welcome!

KittyCat's Kreations can be found at the following locations:

Main Store

RP Locations:

Medieval Times
Medieval England
Elf Clan Fantasy Market
Ravenscraig Village
Pirates' Plunder
Knight in NOR

Non-RP locations
Drakul's Cove

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