Friday, August 8, 2008

Loki Ball's Marrowstone Horror Sim Opens

Fluid Creations owner Loki Ball's sim has already evolved rapidly from a tranquil green square into a sprawling Second Life industrial-apocalyptic-horror complex. Stocked with his tried-and true bestselling grunge-gorged builds, the sim is also taking on an unlife of its own, with a giant white-knuckle, three-floor underground arena and much more on the way.

Marrowstone is the home of the Fluid Creations Crematorium, Grungy Industrial Warehouse, Gothic Cathedral, Control Station, and Personal and Commercial Room Switchers.

Newer builds and items featured include the darkly humorous I Gots Gas Station and the dead-serious Demented Motel, and there are countless other interactive accessories on the property to try and buy. Loki's security cameras and multi-animation beds stand out as new must-sees.

That's Loki in the distance.

If you're a brave soul in need of somewhere new to explore, follow the massive sewer pipe into the groundwork for the upcoming arena, which will soon be complete with drains, obstacles, barricades, and more. Several famed SL creators will be providing their creative talents here to make sure this is a top-level attraction.

Buying and using Loki's products on SLExchange is a perfectly fine thing to do, but if you want to see the sum of the parts, come to Marrowstone tonight, set the lights to sunset or midnight, and let the darkness fall all around you.

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