Thursday, October 16, 2008

Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures

It's one thing to be a quality texture maker, and another to be a quality texture seller. Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures is a rare pairing of these traits.

Located in Sanguine, SJQT has a very eye-friendly layout that shows what you want without having you have to paw (or if you're a furry, hand, I guess) through 1-texture surfaces. Everything is laid out by collection or theme so you can get right to it.

And what themes SJ has!

From futuristic to classic Celtic, Japanese to steampunk, and lots in between, Starship has an impressive number of texture sets and more are being added weekly. His most recent addition, a set of bunker textures, is sure to please the battle-hardened builder.

Look at how the clouds move over the tiles...

One of the more fun parts of any store is the freebies. SJ's collection is right up there, offering such goodies as Daleks, Arcadia freebies, and lots of SJ sample textures.

Many stores are unfortunate to have ad farms right around the corner when you step out the door. Not so here... a trip outside leads to a serene winter scene, seemingly above the clouds. It's a perfect place to demonstrate the effectiveness of his semi-transparent cloud textures, perfect for arranging smooth transitions into one's sky builds.

Here's looking at you, kid. Brr!

A small personal alcove is set next to his textures, featuring works by Kia Greyskin.

Starship Jeffersons Quality Textures is active in the Second Life cultural scene as a sponsor of Primtionary, still one of the most unique (and fun!) events to be found anywhere in Second Life.