Thursday, October 9, 2008

SL's Flower Lady of Copenhagen

Ida Coage's Garden Center is a nice trip off the beaten path if you want to stock your SL garden, or add a fountain, landscaping, or outdoor romantic furniture to your parcel or sim. Most of her flowers fall into the L$10-L$20 range, and her outdoor items range from L$75 to L$249, very affordable if you want to load up your event center, home or business on the cheap. Best of all, her flowers are modifiable, so you can set them to the size you want and fit them into the looks of your other flowers and plants.

Another romantic day at the Garden Center in the Denmark Cop
One of my favorite items is the windmill she offers. Solidly built, she has now added a building size (L$300) in addition to the decorative version she sells for L$75.

Fountains, benches, and waterfalls all decorate the land.

For people who like less frilly things, yet still want to share some downtime together with that special avatar, there is also a wood pavilion as shown for L$200.

Ida's Garden Center can be found at