Friday, August 17, 2007

If You Have A Fashion "Oops", Fix It Up At LilolOops!

If you want to look smart, fresh, and oh-so-sassy, teleport your sexy self to Lilo Jun right away! She's got all the accessories you could ever want for your female avatar. She's redone the basics with a hot, well-varied selection of T-shirts, dresses, shoes, pants, even HUD earmuffs and color-changing backpacks.

You want something different, you get it at LilolOops!

Can't fit into something like this? Lilo also sells avatar parts to match!

She may have washing machines here, but the clothing quality certainly won't leave you out to dry!

Pants so hot, lawns wilt when you pass by in a pair.

These shirts are just the right Thing!

Aye, them be some sexy leggins!

BRAND NEW! Color-changing EARMUFFS!


Skirts and shoes, just go ahead. Choose.

LilolOops can be found at the following locations:

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