Sunday, August 26, 2007

For A Taste Of The SL Orient And More: Builders' Eden

Best Aabye on her Best behavior.

Big Tigers, Little Prices. L$5 apiece.

Best Aabye is the first SL player from China I've met. She's been building up her land, first into the free-rent Agent Shop, and now, Builders' Eden.

Builders' Eden is a triple treat: a mall, a contest/events area, and my favorite, Agent Shop. The mall features Levnia.C, Where Worlds Collide, JcoCool Oh's Shop at, and plenty of available space at L$120/week for 30 prims.

The contest area is for the public and mall vendors alike. If you join the group Agent Shop, you'll find Best throwing design contests for cool product ideas! The first design contest is for a trophy (which ties in very conveniently with the award ceremony :D ). Prizes run around L$200. Agent Shop members are also encouraged to host their own events in the contest area!

Last of all, Agent Shop is a free-rent zone, commission-based melting pot/vending spot with a unique method of merchandising. Aspiring tenants are given Best's own Magic Boxes, which hold a product and product image, and pays Best 30% when an item sells. They are then set up on a grid system. You don't have to have a mad line of products, or sell only super-expensive items. Getting an item set up for sale usually takes 5-10 minutes. I have to admit I like not being stuck with a rent tab at the end of every week and getting booted out on a slow week. Plus the no-rent option frees up money for better advertising.

If you want some items with an exotic flair, come to Builders' Eden. No duty fees either!

Best and her assistant confer in the background as their Wonder Chairs churn out L$ and the Contest Board awaits new entrants.

Best's able assistant shows off a dress at her shop in the Builders' Eden mall.

Captivating items like this await you should you find yourself homesick.

A great balance between free available vendor space and imported products.

I have no idea what those things with the pointy ears are, but I want one. Maybe several.

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