Saturday, August 25, 2007

FINALLY! A Good Place To Get A SecondLife Job

Ever try to apply to a single employment posting? You may as well throw a straw at a thimble while everyone else starts throwing bowling balls. Usually the IM-overwhelmed staff turns you away, or worse, ignores you completely.

James Blusterberger contemplates being treated like chopped liver after being turned away for a dancing position.

Then you have to go through Search one more time, picking through a cloud of keyword spam-enhanced advertisements. Good luck to you, sir or madam!

Fortunately, there is a solution. Second Life Jobs. Start your search easily by profession and take it from there! Avoid wearing out some poor frazzled staff member whose best answer to all your questions is a canned notecard.

Check it out today if you want extra income in SL: Second Life Jobs. And tell 'em Lionel Oliva sent you. :D

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Kabalyero said...

No wonder the guy was rejected as a Dancer! LOL! Thanks for linking Second Life Jobs. I'll link you up at too :D