Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Go Fly A ... PEACH?!? Eccentricities by vanettda Lassard

Today it was a hop, skip and a jump from unusual to eccentric to refreshingly bizarre. Where I landed was vanettda Lassard's store, Eccentricities.

Eccentricities in Straminsky. Eccentricities in Straminsky. Extra mincities in... Dang it!

Great creations from the Spirit Lodge, The Sultan's Bed, and Breakwater Shop Space to the Furry Home, Roman Hideaway and Upscale Shop! And the SLX link takes you to even more!

After walking into the store area I saw some freebies, including popcorn bowls, a primitive avatar (no, the avatar wasn't primitive... just prehistoric!), and fairy wings. Clicking on the SLX link, I saw:

"That's right ... a flying peach, complete with seagulls and spider threads. It is not a complex build nor will it change the world, but let me tell you when you hang with a few of your friends inside the flying peach it is hard not to do so with a smile on your face.

Some friends of mine refer to it as the "un-sky box."

Buy the Flying Peach and get the optional deck and couch for FREE.

The Peach comes with three parts; The Flying Peach itself, a peach leaf deck with railing, and a couch.

Why the couch? Well, it's like this; I tried to build a perfect door for the peach but each attempt took away from its overall "peachiness." so one day while I struggled with the balance of the universe I decided to sit on the leaf and think this problem out. Since the peach as a whole (there is a circular couch with poses inside) is linked together I was magically transported to one of the linked poses inside.

I found the door! So now I was sitting inside my wonderful transparent peach ... but how do I get out?

Yep ... a couch strategically placed on the outside of the peach.

Sit on the leaf to get in ... sit on the couch to get out. No messy scripts!

Of course the whole set up is copy/mod so you can add as many poses or scripts as you want. As a matter of fact, you can remove the deck, ditch the couch, drop in a vehicle script and FLY the SL skies in a one-of-a-kind-aircraft.

Personally I just like to sit with my lady and watch the sunsets from 800m. Peaceful, alone, and wonderfully unique.

* Lots of custom one-of-a-kind textures
* Copy / Mod
* 55 prims (even less if you ditch the deck and couch!)
* Great place to sit and hang with friends.
* Don't like transparent vistas? Select inside texture, set trans to 0 and you will be surrounded by a beautiful star scape!

Feel free to IM vanettda Lassard for more information or a private viewing.
Or visit vanettda's blog for all his building updates!

Eccentricities can be found at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Straminsky/184/48/502

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