Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blue Lagoon

My two favorite kinds of SL shopping are the well-done superstore and quest shopping. In quest shopping, of course, you find an extremely well designed sim, try to contact the builder, and hope they’ll share their sources.

I was delighted to find the Blue Lagoon (located near the Hyles Telehub) one day when the Lindens were wisely protecting my Visa account by shutting down all teleports. Blue Lagoon was built by Lazarus Marat, one of the Techno Mages, a small group of designers and scripters who have enriched SL with their creative talents.

Now this is a commercial sim; you’ll find items that show a $$ sign when you hover the cursor, but its main interest is in the special things that are placed here and there to catch your eye and make you hold your breath. I was enthralled by the scene globe in the outside garden patio and the exquisitely drawn and scripted doors throughout the site.

This globe features scenes from all around the world.

Mr. Marat quickly responded to my pesky IM’s for “where did you get those doors?” and “do you know any interesting places to sightsee?” Thanks to Lazarus I now have a ton of great building ideas, as well as the names and landmarks to some very talented designers for building supplies.

In a world of nasty little strip malls and snobbish sim owners, Blue Lagoon is an oasis of beautiful design backed up by a friendly, responsive human being. Stop by next time you need inspiration and some wonderful eye candy.

Blue Lagoon can be found at http://http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hyles/170/227/23 .

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joseph said...

WOAH thats cool!