Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tooter Claxton Avatars & Vehicles

A shop as good-looking as its products.

To be honest, I don't buy many avatars. I kind of like the one I've got, but while checking for a skeleton avatar, I found a virtually photorealistic avatar shop arranged masterfully on... a tent trailer, of all things.

Here I found, marketed as vintage magazines, a selection of humorous avatars. I've never seen a plucked chicken avatar, lizard, lounge lizard, pink elephant, fly, rat, beer guy, voodoo doll, Brunnhilde (aka the renowned opera singer), eye beast, skeleton, walking hand, or even (perhaps because I never call lately) My Aunt. But they're all here, all of them high-quality and backed up with sample images before you buy. Prices range from L$50 to L$250. I tried out the Little Bug avatar and one girl wanted to squash me and another noob chased me around without saying a word for two minutes. To say they evoke a reaction is an understatement.


Shown here is the Walking Hand avatar. I almost bought it, but settled on a rusty airplane for L$10 (I got what I paid for, though I would have paid to be able to slip a Collide Go Boom script inside and send it to the bottom of a hill in a pile of prim wreckage). The other vehicles there, including the Thunderville motorcycle, are sleek-looking vintage vehicles any gruff burly guy would be glad to call his own. I didn't test them this time around, though I have my eye on that low-riding Thunderville.

Tooter Claxton's mini-shop (with landmark to the main store) can be found at

The main store can be found at, next to Tooter's up-and-coming project, Salon des Clochards Riches.

Thanks to Mr. Claxton for visiting SLMT and I'll be back for the Thunderville! :D

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joseph said...

neat :) said...

One update, coming up! :D

Vstoklosa said...

I remember Tooter when his shop was just a slope with a mass of boxes on it. He was very kind and helpful to me. Glad to see his innovative 'venue' get some publicity. He's a nice guy, for an invertebrate.