Sunday, August 19, 2007

SecondLife Native Americana: Red Rock Mesa

For an unforgettable visit, owner Boondoggle Gruppman invites the SL public to Red Rock Mesa Sanctuary in Fucosa and Lunaris. Come walk among this expertly landscaped, attraction-dense Native American marketplace while enjoying the music of!

This is one of the first sims I've been in where the points of interest spread out evenly to the vanishing point. When you are close up, Red Rock remains a visual delight. Check out the outsider art, Native Spirit Drums and Hopi pottery by Boondoggle, and Native paintings by Maria Duke! If you need to step away for an hour or so, this is a perfect place to unwind. And if you need longer, Dennis Slocombe runs the Red Rock Inn Bed & Breakfast! Best of all, more is being added to Red Mesa, including live events, a cantina, and more ruins.

Hopi bowls and Native art.

Boondoggle builds yurts for housing, and if you need a custom yurt he would be glad to work with you. He also offers landscaping services, with priority given to Native American themes.

To see just a tiny sliver of these unforgettable sims, visit

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