Friday, August 17, 2007

Portal to... More Portals...

The quest that began with the Techno Mages wonderful build at Blue Lagoon (Hyles) led next to Scripted Doors and Windows by Lee Ludd. For all you builders out there, novice or seasoned professional, Mr. Ludd’s shop is a “must-see.”

The scripts that operate these doors are very good. I appreciate being able to walk right up to a door and have it slide open without fuss… it makes me feel like I’m being treated like the royalty I am (LOL).

As if that weren’t enough, the artwork on some of these doors is lovely. There are a ton of choices similar to what you’d find in an upscale RL home, but there are also exquisitely crafted pieces of art.

I was also impressed by the purchasing scripts for the doors and windows. At the point of sale you get to decide whether you are purchasing single or double doors. Also, you can gain automatic discounts if you’re buying in bulk, which could be quite handy for you budding landlords out there.

In short, what started as a research trip for SL Merchant Times ended in a purchase for my own modest home. Ahem. Make that four purchases, as I couldn’t decide between the artwork, and decided that I’ll cycle my front doors based upon my moods, which can change quicker than the score at a Dodgers game.

Hmmmm... which one goes with these shoes?

If you find yourself in need of (or desire for) a lovely set of doors, visit Mr. Ludd’s shop. You won’t be disappointed.

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