Monday, August 27, 2007

Get Slacking at Renegade Warehouse

My lack of skateboarding ability never stopped me from wanting to look good in slacker clothes, or hang around in slacker places. Imagine my delight to find Renegade Warehouse, an extremely well themed little clothes shopping district in the Berard Sim.
Atmosphere is everything at Renegade Warehouse. From the holes in the asphalt and squalid sewer ditches downstairs, to the very vending machines, the owner Kaejo DaSilva has put together an entirely pleasant SL shopping experience. I’ve run across very loyal shoppers every time I’ve visited Kaejo’s place.

Even the vending machines are in theme here

As someone who could live practically anywhere but chooses to stay in Los Angeles, I must admit to being drawn to the seedier side of life occasionally. A stroll past the very well executed wall tagging, squeaking rats and burning fire barrels at Renegade Mall fulfills the best of both worlds for me. It’s a lot like an adrenaline driven slide through parts of LA. This shopping mall will be a refuge from the glitz and glamour for this little slacker girl for some time to come.

My favorite Tee is that one right there....

During my first weeks in SL I practically lived in a couple of shirts purchased here. I found the prices to be very reasonable even by Second Life standards. The men’s clothes are as well done as the women’s. Nothing like a tattooed man in the right tank to get a girl’s blood circulating in the right direction….

In short, if you’re looking for sexy and casual clothes for men and women in a fun setting, you can’t go wrong at Renegade Warehouse.

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