Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shopping Amidst the Ruins

After a few weeks off I returned to one of my greatest SL passions, exploring and writing about the gems you can find If you’re patient and persistent. I found a lovely sim on a post apocalyptic theme called Saijo.

Saijo is actually a group of sims built as a storybook/RP site, some of which areas are damage enabled. If I have to tell you what that means you might want to think twice about going there before you’ve visited a good weapons/shield store. Enough said?

Even the light beams are beautiful

The attention to detail in this sim is awesome. And yes, tucked here and there are shops featuring cyberpunk and excellent vehicles. I’m not going to tell you exactly where they are. The magic of this sim is in the search, and there are a million places to look. A great time on a dark evening when the wind is blowing outside and you feel the need to be in the dark.

Spin receives a new shipment of bugs from Linden Labs

I’ve been blessed by serendipity throughout my life. Today was no exception. I ran across the sim owner Spin Martin, and he suffered my endless questions about his beautiful build very gracefully.

Spin makes me feel right at home...

Spin tells me that a cast of regulars shows up to role play here, not during the normal prime time SL hours, and he’s working on staffing the sim with non-players and robots. During my first visit a drone robot came up and scanned me. It was a familiar feeling for a girl who dances on the stage from time to time.

Now which mutant skin goes with this hairdo?

Next time you want to feel the ache of civilization lost, open your favorite drink and come to Saijo. Settle in, wear your best grunge or cyberpunk, strap on your black widows and have a fun quest. I highly recommend this sim for an interesting night of shopping.