Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bring your best Second Life items to BidSL... and bring more back!

BidSL is going to be big. That much I can tell from just a few minutes at its website and first in-world presence (more locations are coming soon)! is where it all begins. Here, you are welcomed with a well-marked website offering: well-written in-world auctioning tutorials; BidSL's forum; helpful FAQs; links to in-world HQ; top auctioneers; franchise info; live auction info; BidSL Anywhere; and classifieds! The site is very easy to navigate but doesn't sacrifice depth in doing so.

Feel like fundraising? BidSL Anywhere lets you integrate its auctions into your party, event, conference, or other big SL to-do!

Crave the excitement and fast pace of auctions run by a live auctioneer? BidSL has some great news. In addition to the automated Second Life auctions running 24/7 at BidSL, live auctions are held on Saturday mornings (Second Life time). The live auctions are run by an auctioneer and feature high value and unique items. Everyone is invited to attend and to shout out bids! Just be sure to get there before the sim fills up!

BidSL is also working to encourage SL and RL items, businesses, services, and SL land for sale! Be sure to contact them if you have a suggestion or request for these live auctions, which take place in front of the in-world building in the billboard area.

Registered auction users can post classifieds for a fee on-site, and include a picture.

Again, the site is, and the company can be visited in-world at See if you can find my auctions! Getting set up was really easy and this week it's super-affordable: I only paid L$7 for each weekly rental!

Plenty of interactivity however you reach BidSL.

Lots of room for buyers and plenty of opportunities for sellers!


Shannon Nohkan said...

Wow! Thank you very much Lionel for checking out BidSL and for the nice write up.

BidSL only recently opened but we've had good luck with the auctions listed so far. We've had a great response from bidders and they are asking for more auctions so if you have something to sell, please stop by and give it a try. You can sell your items, and also put note cards in with your auction to advertise/landmark your store. It really is a fun way to sell and to shop.

We've added a new area to our web site already called "Merchant Spotlight". If you'll be listing a few items up for auction, send us your business info and logo and we'll be happy to list you and landmark to your store in this new area.

We're just getting started and eager for more merchants to list items so send us your ideas, proposals, and thoughts and we'll be very happy to work with you.

Please feel free to contact me, Shannon Nohkan in SL or via email: support(at) .

:-) Shannon