Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy SLloween From Second Life's Baddest Horror Store, Bleed Designs

From the moment heavy metal blasts you in the face and you appear in a portal filled with a circular haze of red light, you know you're in for a ghoulish experience at Bleed Designs.

A shower of blood screens the scream queens from the squeamish, and then you are in the moaning, groaning, clanking heart of Bleed.

A store so big textures took ten minutes to load in (though of course you can speed it up by walking around).

Bleed is the largest store I have yet to review in SLMT. Inventory sprawls across the walls in several rows and displays, daring you not to find something to tickle your morbid fancy.
If you turn around the moment you pass through the doorway, you can see Bleed's selection of pillars, Gorean habitats, demon gates, blood fountains, spooky trees, newbie tools, and cutouts, complete with links to SLX and for people who like to browse online stores. A few Gothic club layouts and Bleed's famous HUD/Bloodstorms round out the morbid mix. A small niche on the entry wall features loads of Halloween sounds, and I took a chance on a slick-looking copiable store for 1024m plots (L$500) between the sounds area and some more appealingly gruesome wall art.

For people with a Resident Evil/biolab fetish, the left wall features sci-fi components, all under the name of "The Compound". A few curious-looking items, the "Ightant Lueurs", resemble bio-tanks often seen in the movies. Equipment like water filters, air pads, acid barrels, office chairs help round out the bio-horror motif. A copy/modify vesion of The Compound goes for L$20000, while the "Midway Package" version goes for L$13500.

The left doorway leads to a free-standing morgue building caked with gallons of dried blood. Inside this bare-floored building are vendors for the basic and deluxe Morgue Sets, as well as the individual components, such as Cold Storage Cadaver Units, Cadaver Tables (with pose and worklight!), Basic Embalming Tables, cabinets, and all the creepy extra little touches you expect from a forced trip to the morgue. Heart and muscle dissection charts, medical jars, fire alarm, Haylon Gas Jet (activates when you shout "OUTBREAK"), and Blood Bag Hangers, all fall under this latter category.

Back in the central area, a gift coffin kiosk stands alluringly in the center of the blood-spattered floor, offering coffins with credit from L$250 to L$10000. A second kiosk offers creepy teleport effects and sounds. Behind them stands rows dedicated to Bleed's prefabs, such as Necrotica Manor Series, Mythril Skybox, Creepies Diner, Chapel Chronos, Castle Bloodstone, and great utility builds like the 3-Floor Department Store (as cheerful as Silent Hill 3's) and the Gothic Vendor Stall. A wooden shelf nearby holds adornments like a Dragon Mirror, Ram's Head Crystal Ball, and Prince Consort Candle, items perfect for rounding out the lived (died?)-in sense of your own castle or crypt.To the right of the prefabs stand gruesomely effective sets such as The Brood Incarnation, Terror Wings, a haunted confessional booth (Dark Confessions), the Tormentia Table, a buzz saw called The Gutter, and an Aged Grandfather Clock. Of note is an especially promising-looking Home Position/Landing Point Portal Platform, with a walkway, glowing blue light, and long talons.

Nine thrones, from the new Metal and Flesh to the Hellshadow, next adorn the walls above classic horror art. To their right are more cool-to-haves like the Midland Park Bench, the spiked ball from Phantasm, the 2-prim following/greeting Eye, and Amorphous Metal Gravestone. Bleed's great particle equipment, from Reincarnation Vessels to Blood Rain to Cemetery Fog and Downpour, fleshes out this wall.

In the center are Bleed's crown jewels: Necropia, the 1671- or 2071-prim manor; The Unholy Cathedral; and variants of Necrotica Manor. Cleverly placed beneath it, like one of Joel Comm's Google ads, is a doorway leading to even more products. And straight ahead, each item set in a black-edged drop of crimson, lie the individually sold contents of the Creepies Diner, a horror masterpiece that comes in both a Basic (L$3000 [copy]/4500 [copy/mod]) and Full Extras (L$8000) version. Can't spring for a full horror diner but just have enough for one hellacool item, like the Bleeding Urinal, Vending Snack Machine of Death, or the fiendish Mirror Mirror? You can buy it here!

To the left lurk dozens of textures for the aspiring horror builder/machinima star. Between these and the Creepies items, Dismay Wilde has cemeteries: Rest Haven, Highfield, Resurrection, and All Saints. Miscellaneous extras include her Coffin and Gravestone Helper Kits. The opposite wall features DJ and stage equipment, including an impressive prefab club, complete with DJ booth, seating and tables. Sold separately, there are also eerily charming Podz speakers, pyrotechnics, blacklights, and a UFO DJ booth!

And on my way back out of the room, I happened upon a 200-prim gem of a bar, with kegs, cage, multi-directional seats, drink givers, and more. At L$750, that was less than L$4 a prim!

In leaving, I realized that the horror tradition is alive and well in SL, and there is nothing to worry about... only to fear. :D

Bleed Designs can be unearthed at

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