Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fifty pounds of stuff in a five-pound bag: Second Life Merchant Times on the move, & collapsed posts

Hey all,

Looks like I'll finally getting rid of that albatross of a platform I have at the Second Life Merchant Times in Hawkins. Hopefully the layout inside my cool new store from Bleed Designs will be better-looking and you'll be able to see it soon.

Our vendor now gives out 80 -- count 'em, 80 -- freebies from Arcade Asylum. She's been kind enough to give them out through the Second Life Merchant Times with the agreement that they're not to be re-sold. So when you come by, please pick up an SLMT vendor if you would like to hand out some great freebies to your friends and customers! Our vendor is just 2 prims, but not only does it take people back to this page, but it also gives a "Friends of the Second Life Merchant Times" landmark box out to people. If you're good enough to put our 2-prim vendor on your land, we'll put your landmark in this box!

Some of you may be asking, "Why is that such a big deal?" I'll tell you. All of our vendors are updatable! That means when everyone else updates their vendors, they'll all start giving out your landmark every time someone clicks to visit!

Just use the "SLMT In-World" link on the left to get your free updatable vendor with freebies!


I've been wrangling with the site format for some time now, and trying to work in collapsible posts so that way people can see the most teasers on the front page.

It has been a nightmare. Put so much as one special bit of code in the regular section, and the whole thing goes haywire, reduces the print to 0px, and worse.

So, in order to allow the greatest number of pictures per post, to bring you the best visuals from SL, and to give you the best format for each blog entry, I am kicking collapsible posts out. I thank everyone who has read the blog no matter what the format, and would like you to know I will be tying pictures back in for maximum presentation.

Lionel Oliva