Monday, September 8, 2008

Tiny Life: Second Life's Puppy Poppets

I've never dealt with tinies in Second Life because I thought either

A. Tiny makers couldn't put enough detail in textures and prims, or

B. The market was primitive and alien.

I don't even remember how I got there, but seeing the tiny village at Adelebsen Isle was an eye-opener. Such a thriving collection of businesses!

One that stuck out was Puppy Poppets. Believe me when I say I'd rather be scripting or making explosions, skydiving in SL without a parachute, or even sleeping, than in a 100% cute store.

But Puppy Poppets is more than a cutesy-bootsy booth thrown up at random and slathered with charmingly hackneyed textures. It's one of the best-set-up stores I've seen in SL so far, with a very eye-pleasing layout that lets you browse over dozens of designs, yet zoom in on the items you like.

It's a rare store that deals in cute things, yet actually offers something I can use without running for the nearest cutesy first aid station. And for those who enjoy tinies, Etheria Parrott has put a super-sized amount of TLC in each creation, with more creatures and creature comforts than you can shake a tiny stick at! Sandals, tie-dyes, sculpted 4-prim beds, nose flies (for the outdoorsy types), even whips (crack!),
puppy saddles and balance beams jump out in cheerful chaos at the viewer. Avatars include puppies, elephants (from calico to gold), snowmen, ostriches, and... DNA?!? Whatever you expect to find here, you will still find something totally unexpected, and likely intriguing as well. I bet I'd get a laugh out of the beating heart for big people, the tiny tank, or the tiny stink bombs.

Puppy Poppets is a delight to the heart and eye, a gallery of tiny treasures you can purchase and take home with you. It is found at