Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're tying in with Avatars United!

Hello everyone,

Virtual Merchants will be integrating with Avatars United's Second Life Group. This means that we'll be focusing on business owners who join the group, so if you'd like to have your business covered, we'll be accepting requests from the group only.

Membership is open to everyone, from newcomers to established professionals, fun seekers, builders, scripters, buyers, sellers, bloggers, singers, artists, musicians, playwrights, machinima makers, writers, and more. Just click on the link above, sign up and you're in!

Thank you,

Lionel Oliva


Mforiero said...

there are also other good services for virtual worlds social networking
I use Myrl, Koinup and tried also (but not used a lot) Guild Cafe

Koinup is good for machinima, Myrl is pretty nice