Saturday, September 13, 2008

Getting Back To Business!

Hello everyone, and thank you for reading Virtual Merchants.

Lately I've been sidetracked by a career change; I quit my job, and went back to my old workplace for a few hours a week. I've also been studying's excellent book and I've condensed about 200 pages of notes into a one-page blog guide. I'll be applying that guide to this and my other blogs.

And with the extra amount of time I have, I can now dedicate 4-5 posts a week to Virtual Merchants. I plan to post once a day during weekdays and provide a few guest commentaries and articles during the weekends. If you have any requests, feedback, story ideas, or actual stories, please contact sumosales Yes, the space is intentional to keep spambots away.

Also, if you like reading about the fun stuff there is out there, please check out Squad Village's blog at Roxie Logan works very hard to get the word out about fun Second Life happenings and her site is always worth checking out. Thanks again for your support!

And check us out at Follow us and we'll follow you! We won't even ask questions when we do... unless you really want us to.

Last of all, if you're an enterprising writer, and have a story you'd love to get out, contact us in-world (Lionel Oliva).