Monday, January 19, 2009

Genuine Second Life Music: Laurel Isle

Laurel Arts Isle is home to 4 live music venues and a poetry venue. Live music of all genres is featured in either Sunset Jazz Club, the oldest live jazz venue in SL, which is also home to the famous Coffee and Pajamas show on Saturday mornings, with DJ Elfay Pinkdot, and the Classical Ballroom dances on Friday evenings, hosted by DJ Amy Ferguson. Top live jazz singers and players appear on the Sunset stage regularly. The Luxor Stage is an Egyptian-themed open air venue on the banks of the Nile, featuring mainly rock, folk, pop and country.

Classical music is featured on the luxurious concert hall stage of the Cairo Theater, or in the pleasant park atmosphere of the Memphis Pavilion. Cairo also houses the Music Hall series of burlesque and comedy. An interesting replica of a small section of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. stands in the middle of the island... and tucked neatly into a corner of the sim, with its own waterfall, is Sanctuary, the place for poets and their fans to relax and share poetry with Laurel Isle's resident Poet Laureate.

The isle has a great deal of ancient Egyptian theme, which includes the Temple to Amun Ra in Luxor, the Anubis temple in Karnak, and the Theater in Cairo, which lies near the Nile River. The Luxor Stage is an example of ancient Egyptian opulence. The Sunset Jazz Club sits above Alexandria, and owner Circe Broom's home, which is open to all, is in Thebes.

Visitors will find items of sculpture for sale in her store, CV Enterprises, at Potomac and M Streets in the city, including exquisitely detailed sculptures of Bastet. Stunning examples of sculpture and graphic art are spread around the sim.

I was fortunate enough to hear one of Laurel Isle's performances, by one Mr. Brixton Canning. Brixton is a traditional entertainer, the kind you might have hoped to see at a big venue in the heyday of the 1950s and 1960s.

Brixton cut his teeth as a “Real Life” performer on the musical theatre stage as well as jazz and rock clubs across the Midwest of the US. His style cuts an intentionally wide swath across many genres allowing his romantic, soulful and truly inspirational performances to connect with people of varied backgrounds and tastes.

SL’s THUMP Magazine has called Brixton a “complete showman” whose act is “nothing less than professional” with a “song selection that doesn’t give you a chance to catch your breath.” His desire and calling is to deliver more than mere music, hoping that the lasting effect of his offerings are true inspiration.

He's funny, friendly, responsive to the audience, and what a voice! As a writer I regret being unable to relay the full experience of his SL singing performance, but I hope this humble clip from my noisy computer will help do some justice.

Visit for demos
Contact Brixton Canning by IM or for booking information.

Laurel Isle attractions are as follows: Luxor Stage Memphis Pavilion Circe's Sanctuary Alexandria City & Sunset Jazz Cairo Theater