Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Mark Ferriter Gallery Opens In Bellatrix

Artist Mark Ferriter has brought over 20 of his real-life paintings to his gallery to the Bellatrix sim ( htt​p:/​/sl​url​. com​/se​con​dli​fe/​Bel​lat​rix​/77​/17​4/2​7 ). A native of Eliot, Maine, Mark now lives in Massachusetts with his young family.

His specialties include city paintings (Midwest Coffee House, Milwaukee Art Center, Chicago), surreal works (The Swingers, The Digger, Romance), still-lifes (Glass Still Life, Underwater Still Life, Brillo), and portraits (Girl 2, Breakfast, Mona). All his works are available for L$200 (modify/transfer). The gallery also features a wide selection of art from Apez, RL and SL photography for L$20, and fine vases from Shana Kinsei. Chairs are available to enhance the viewing experience and the general public is welcome!

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