Sunday, December 16, 2007

Get In The Christmas Spirit At Santa's Workshop!

I spend most of my time in SL blowing things up, from my BlackBurn Oil Drums to various things I give hit points with my BHP System. However, when I set foot on the snow-covered land at DarkDharma Daguerre's Avatar Isle, the year's chaos, hustle and bustle dies away, to be replaced with modern holiday music and the silent snowfall.

The store is magnificent. The way it is set up inside, there is such a soft sell of its products you could walk completely through without buying a single thing, and simply enjoy it as a reminder of how Christmas used to be. Or you can load up with a great selection of folk art, decorations and cutouts to ready your home or business for Christmas!

The free presents under the tree were great! Each package made the most of opening gifts. One was called "A present just for YOU!" and another cautioned me not to shake it. How cool!

The downstairs area, a kitchen and living room, are impeccably designed, with Christmas sounds coming from all around. These pictures don't do the experience justice, what with the snow outside and music accompanying the decorations perfectly.

I noticed a stairway leading up, and wondered who could be upstairs waiting to wake up and get their presents... would it be Mr. and Mrs. Claus?

It was the first time I had ever seen elves in SL. I set all my sounds to 0.0 and walked in so as not to disturb anyone sleeping.

These elves (L$200 apiece) were so cute I almost went back to Lionel's House of High Explosives, but Christmas comes only once a year, so I read each elf's thought balloon (take a look in the picture above -- they are charming) as I walked back and forth across the second floor, from the fireplace to the stairway.

Every square meter of Santa's Workshop has something cheerful, homey, and Christmasy. If you're down in the dumps and don't like the holiday, come by here. DarkDharma will show you how it was meant to be.

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