Friday, September 21, 2007

One of Second Life's Sharpest Gadget Designers: Golden Oriole

I can't imagine how much time it has taken Oriolus Oliva to make all the items I saw at Golden Oriole, to merchandise and label them. Everything shouts out "quality" from the storefront, a half-open house, to the logos, lettering, and graphic editing.

Endearing amounts of detail -- and that's just the package!

This will be perfect for a small storefront, no matter the era.

Every picture is a work of art.

Live your own Renaissance! Populate your home or office with these fine maps!

This authentic armor will have Oriolus Oliva passing his plate!

Lots of fine glassware and pottery available to decorate with!

Got five minutes? Make your own pottery! I got to keep mine.

Golden Oriole can be found at