Saturday, August 5, 2000

Special Low-Tech Post: Blogging SL From A 2000-Era PC, Satir Textures @ JC's Cove And A Gallery Opening!

I had to dig up a few old files for my friend Lothar, so I am blogging from my HP Pavilion 553w. Using the highest technology available to me at the moment, I have come up with these carefully re-created snapshots from Yass.

Notice the impressive storefront at Satir. You can be assured the textures inside are even more grandiose.

Lionel Oliva peruses his extensive inventory as he marvels at the selection of top-notch textures, well worth their L$350-L$1000 pack prices.

I had 40K in memory left, so I visited the Thrumberton Stick Gallery at Art Snob. I was lagging horribly (my fault, not SL's), but I was able to shut down all my other programs and snap this memory-devouring mouselook shot:

It wasn't a bad little gallery, but the people didn't really seem... well... drawn to a realistic art style. One patron sniffed, "What's he do, take his time on every one?" I didn't think they were that bad. Later a gaggle of excited attendees were discussing the merits of a blank prim outside. Several of them called it sheer genius.

Satir Textures can be found in JC's Cove at... at... um... I think there was a 5 in there somewhere.

An update will be coming shortly. :D

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